Excessive information consumption

Creation Vs Consumption

We are constantly bombarded with incoming information.
Advertisements, Facebook notifications, emails, texts…
Distractions intent on disrupting the flow.



The good stuff.

There have been periods in my life (months and months) where I do not create anything. I am stuck in a consumption loop desperately looking for the answer to whatever I am trying to do. Consuming information like there is no tomorrow and never doing anything with it.
The problem with a consumption loop (even of really good information) is that NOTHING GETS DONE and you still end up feeling good about it because you are ‘learning’. You never feel ready to make something because there is always more information available.
This is the problem with good information. Information that COULD help you if you DID SOMETHING about it.  (Note – There is the secret: Action.)
Imagine all the useless junk that gets pumped towards you constantly.
It’s not obvious to begin with but if you pause for a moment and think about it…

The bad stuff.

How many consecutive minutes of work did you last get done without feverishly checking  your phone?
The screen lights up when you have a notification right?
 So why were you checking it when the screen was black?
How much time do you spend scrolling through Facebook?
How many fear mongering news articles do you read on a daily basis that put you in a state of constant anxiety?
The list could go one forever.
The noise is deafening.
How can you expect to get anything done while being subjected to all this junk?
Im going to level with you…
Contrary to popular belief, you are probably not going to find that life changing secret in a post on your news feed.
The most you are going to get from the hours you spent (sorry, wasted. Never to get back. Gone forever.) scrolling through Facebook is RSI in your thumb.


What is it that you want to achieve?
Do you want to be a runner? An artist?
You can.
I’ll tell you what you need.
When you cut out the noise, you have room for creation.
Spend less time in consumption mode and more time creating.

Not all consumption is bad.

We NEED new information.
Without it there can be no forward progress.
The trick to maintaining that progress is to guard your time (noise reduction) and consume only the best sources (filtering).

Two Top Tips

Start with this.
  1. Flip your phone screen down.
  2. Change your password to a 12 digit random number, write it in a not pad far away from you then log out. (Thank you Mr Money Moustache, this one is amazing)

Some good consumption for you

Danbapani – Unwavering Focus – Tedx Reno

Mr Money Moustache – Low Information Diet

Read the article HERE


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