IT Security – Recap and Updates.

This is a follow up post about the IT security written in THIS article. It tells you how to get some kick-ass digital habits to save your bacon in times of need! Check it out.

Reflection of the Skill so Far

Online documents and backups – 

All my writing has been done on through the online WordPress platform and using Evernote. Having used Evernote for a while before it was easy to get back into using it. Also, since I am not currently producing ‘official documents’ for my uni work it has been easy not to use word, so saving to Google drive has not been needed.

Little Snitch and BlockBlock

Little Snitch turned out to be a trial, which ran out. It was good while it lasted and over the course of the three days it showed me that I didn’t have any naughty software trying to make malicious connections.

BlockBlock seemed to be working awesome as it told be there was one piece of software that kept trying to download, which it thought was malicious. Unfortunately, when I clicked block it told me that I had failed to block the install. Cheers, BlockBlock. Good job. I ran a virus scanner and nothing appeared to be wrong so I think BlockBlock is off the hook this time.

Not Downloading

One thing I decided to do mid week was to stop downloading music from the youtube converter, as I had no idea if they were also installing hidden things. That is the only thing I really download so my risk of downloading a virus is now pretty slim.

Get the setup right

One thing I have realised is that I am really not into IT security. I just want to turn it on and it to do it’s job without me having to do it. So getting the set up right is important as it allows you to not think about with while you are keeping yourself safe. Using Evernote and WordPress mean I never have to worry about back ups. Having all the pictures I took last year online means that I will only loose some recent ones if I do lose any. Not downloading anything means that I don’t really have to think about viruses (I think? If someone knows otherwise let me know)


My new passwords are now committed to memory. Apart from the occasional time where I put the old ones in or I have to change the password on an account that I had forgotten about I don’t have to worry about passwords.



This is still an area which I think I could use some improvement.

Remember… SAVE YOUR DOCUMENTS, or not if you are clever and let Evernote do it for you.

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