Facing up to Waste

As a species we create an astonishing amount of waste. Tonnes and tonnes are produced per person every year. Furthermore, what happens to this waste once it is out of our hands remains mystery to most. The principles of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ play their part to hide this problem and business goes on as usual.

Landfill. Is this really the best solution?
At the dump

We had some sofa’s given to us by a family member recently. Our old sofas were given the boot. Two tip runs later and I am face to face with the iceberg that is our waste production.

It took roughly an hour between dropping the first sofa into the very bottom of an enormous skip and arriving back with the second sofa. There was not enough room in that same skip. Piles of old lamps and unwanted books covered the first sofa and we were forced to use the fresh skip adjacent. The cavernous grey bucket eagerly awaiting it’s turn to consume the excess our material lives afford us.

It was hard to believe good quality items I was seeing being cast aside. Brand new boxed Toshiba speakers and a new copy of the Times Atlas of the World caught my eye as I asked one of the attendants how much got thrown away: “This is nothing. You wouldn’t believe your eyes.”


Where does it all go when we throw it away?

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