Goal Setting Isn’t Enough

I feel lost. It’s raining and the prophetic fallacy is thick in the air. Gloomier than the room I am sat in is my mood. Motivation is gone and I keep catching myself down the Youtube rabbit hole. Only days ago I was so fired up. I had set my goals and I knew exactly where I wanted to be in in the next year or two. I had my GOALS.

No I didn’t.

I had some DREAMS.

The difference between the two is that a dream is just an idea, whereas a goal has a plan.

The mistake I had made was to set my goal but not put a concrete plan in place for how I was going to get there. Now the initial motivation was wearing thin and I had to use energy choosing what to do next.

You have to find the balance between too much planning (analysis paralysis) and not enough planning (dreaming).

What to do:

  1. Set your goals.
  2. Plan how you are going to get there.
  3. Start DOING.

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Action, then Plan


Analysis paralysis will freeze you in your tracks. Spend too long in the imagination phase and that’s all you’ll ever do. When motivation or inspiration hits the best way to capitalise on it is to start creating. Get the ball rolling will some action, then plan the rest of the task.


This will allow you to look at the huge objectives you have set yourself with the confidence that you have already begun. Instead of looking up from ground zero with the mountain glaring down, you are already scaling the side. This initial action allows for greater ambition.


An example…


If I want to run a marathon, I need a plan. Before I sit down to write this plan, I need some action. Otherwise I may write the plan then say: “I’ll start tomorrow.” Go running before you write your master plan.