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Great Links:

United Nations Environment Programe

Food Security

Got an Hour?

    1. Hacking the Food System – Richard Perkins

Richard shares an unbelievable amount of hard-earned knowledge in this presentation. Essential watching for anyone interested in the food space. Get your notepad out and prepare to move to the country.

Climate Change

Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change Report:


Tim Ferriss – Four Hour Workweek


Mr Money Moustache

Link to the main blog HERE

Best posts on MMM:

How to be Happy, Rich, and Save the World

Efficiency is the Highest Form of Beauty

News Flash: Your Debt is an Emergency!!


Mr Money Moustache – World Domination Summit

WDS 2016: Pete Adeney from Chris Guillebeau on Vimeo.

Charlie Munger – Words of Wisdom

Dandapani – Tedx Reno – Unwavering Focus



Tools of Titans – Tim Ferriss (HERE)

The Go Giver – Bob Burg (HERE)


Here is a list of the best resources which have had an impact me and this blog: