Learn How You Learn

Want to know one of the best things I did last year? I learned how I process information.

I was never the worst in the class, but in the same way, I have never been the best.

I’m no Einstein but I felt there was some untapped potential that I was somehow missing.

Floated through school getting average grades and not remembering  any of the information beyond the exams.

That was before I found out how I process information.

As a kinaesthetic learner, I learn by doing and creating.

I used to think reading through a piece of text and taking notes was the best way for me remember what I needed, but my rate of retention was shockingly low. Each revision session would have to be repeated numerous times and the whole process took way too long.

Now I make flash cards and mind-maps.

The process of creating a stack of cards and drawing a mind-map improves how much of the information I retain and reduces how long it takes me to do a section.

What type of learner are you?

To find out what type of learner I am, I used this website: